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How can I check my internal e-mails?
If you desire to check your internal e-mails, all you have to do is:

1 - Log in
2 - Mailbox

How to write a member an e-mail?
if you wish to write a member an e-mail, all you have to do is:

- If you are a woman:

1 - Log in
2 - Go to the member's profile
3 - Click the button "Write e-mail"

Note that the male member will receive your e-mail normally, but you must be aware that he will only reply you if he has acquired a month membership.

- If you are a man:

1 - Log in
2 - Go to the member's profile
3 - Click "Contact" button
4 - Click "Write e-mail" button

Be sure to have a month membership in order to be able to write a member an a-mail. If you do not know how to acquire a month membership, please check the procedure at FAQ menu "Payments" and question "How can I acquire a service?"

Once you write an e-mail to a woman, as soon as she receives it, she will be able to reply you since women in this site can write e-mails for free.

How long will my messages remain in my mailbox?
Your messages will remain for one year in your mailbox!

Why part of the e-mail I received is erased?
We do not allow women to write personal data in the e-mail she send to the male members that are not her contacts.

Therefore, in order to read all the information in the message, you will have to establish a contact to that member.

If you are not sure about the procedure to contact the member, please check the FAQ menu "Contact" in the question "I am a man. How can I contact a woman?"

How can I change the e-mail address I registered in the profile?
In order to change the personal e-mail address you have registered in the profile, please:

1 - Log in
2 - My membership
3 - change email address
4 - now change please your e-mail address and push the button 'save changes'.