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How can I change my password?
To change your password proceed as follows:

1 - Log in to our web site using your username and password.
2 - In the right menu click on 'My membership'.
3 - Click on 'Change password'. Put your old password first and then twice your new password.
4 - After that accept the changes by clicking on the button 'Save changes'.

How can I recover my password?
Maybe it can be just a typing problem. First, please know that the password is case sensitive, it means that "Joe" is different from "joe"!

If you still have problems to log in, please:

1 - Go to our homepage.
2 - Click on 'Login for member' and type your user name
3 - Click "Enter"
4 - "Forgot password?"
5 - On the next page, enter either your user name or the email address you used when you registered.
6 - Send password

We will send you an email with your user name and password. If this does not work, we may still be able to find you in our members database. Send an email to info@asiankisses.de giving as as much detail as you can.

How can I avoid my password from being sent in the e-mails from the site?
If you do not desire to have your password in the messages sent by our Team, all you have to do is:

1 - Log in
2 - "My configurations"
3 - "Don't include your login and password in emails to you"
4 - Save changes

How to choose a safe password?
If you desire to use a safer password, please, try to make a it with numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters.

Always avoid to use: your name, pseudonym, the name of your pet, your child's name, birth date, just the same characters and any information that can be easily brought in contact with you.

Also, we would like to suggest you a very positive example of how to create a safe password: Think of a sentence that you can remember easily, such as "I always buy 5 sandwiches on Monday,". Then, take each of the first character of each word. Therefore, your password would be: Iab5som