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What are the site services available?
Our services are:

1 month package with an auto renewal,
1 month package without an auto renewal,
3 month package,
6 month package,

With the "one month package" you can make contacts to members during one month.

This is limited to a maximum of 300 contacts per month.

After contacting you can exchange emails and chat with that member without any time limit.

What are the service's prices?
Interkontakt Link
AsianKisses Link
LatinLove Link
ThaiKisses Link
LadyboyKisses Link
ChineseKisses Link
FilipinoKisses Link
KissesofAfrica Link

How can I acquire a service?
To acquire paid membership proceed as follows:

1 - Log in
2 - In the right menu click "My membership".
3 - Click on "Upgrade to gold membership".
4 - Choose the service you desire to acquire and click on "Buy now"
5 - Select one payment method
6 - Continue.

The other steps are related to the payment method chosen, but are easy to follow. Anyway, if you have doubts, please contact our Team in the email pointed at "Contact us".

We recommend paying buy credit card, as bank transfers can take a couple of days.

What are the payment methods?
The payment methods available are:

1 - Credit Card
2 - Debit Card (available to a few countries)
3 - Money Transfer
4 - Paypal
5 - Western Union

How long does it take to my account be credited after I make the payment?
This will depend on the payment chosen by you

Be sure that once we receive it we will credit your account at the same time.

The time each payment method take to be processed is:

A - Credit card - maximum of 30 minutes
B - Debit Card - maximum of 30 minutes
C - Money transfer - from 3 to 5 worked days
D - Paypal - maximum of 30 minutes
E - Western Union - up to 48 hours.

If the time above passed but your account was still not credited, please send to our support team all the payment data you have, so that we can trace and solve the problem.

In order to check how to contact us, please go to "Contact us" at the homepage menu.

Is there automatic recharge?
Yes, there is one package with automatic recharge. It is a Member Subscription.

All another packages don't have an automatic recharge.

What is the procedure to ask for refund?
It is possible to be refunded if you still did not use the service acquired (you didn't make any contacts). There is no refund for the membership subscription (month package with auto renewal). There is no refund for the 'membership subscription' (a month package with auto renewal).

What will show in my credit card statement?
It depends on which payment service you used:

At Worldpay: worldwidekisses.com
At Paypal then "PACKAGE NAME - USER-ID"
At Allied Wallet: AW*SITENAMR442033188334 (for example AW*ladyboykisses1111111)

How can I check if my account has already been credited?
Normally, as soon as we get your money, we will activate your package. You also will received a confirmation at the site.

But if you want to be sure or check how long is still your package valid, please go to:

1 - Log in
2 - "My account"
3 - "List bookings"

With the paid membership acquired will I be able to access all your kisses sites?
No. For each site it is necessary to acquire one different month membership.

What is the different between membership subscription and one month package?

In order to buy one month package you have two choices:

1) Member Subscription
This is a month package wit automatic renewal. You can pay for it only with a credit card and you need to terminate it in your profile.

2) 1 month package
This is a month package too, but without an automatic renewal. You can pay for it as you wish.

There are the same conditions for both packages.

All another packages (3-6 month packages, one year package) don't have an automatic charge.

With a month package You can contact up to 300 members every members (which you like, this is your decision).

Even after the month you can chat and exchange emails with the members you have contacted.

How can I terminate my 'Membership subscription'?

To terminate it please:
1 - Log in,
2 - click 'My membership',
3 - click the button 'Terminate subscription',
4 - click the button 'Terminate subscription'.

You will get a notyfication to your e-mail address.

Even after the month you can chat and exchange emails with the members you have contacted.

Please note that you can cancel your regular payments anytime up to 3 day before the date of a scheduled payment.